Wednesday, October 29, 2008

for the love of art

for non - artist, Art for them is almost valuable, precious and very a expensive thing, some view it as a commodity and for the common people they would simply say that it is only for the well heeled society..... it is deep,

i would definitely say, that art is in the genes....... genes from our distant ancestors who first painted the caves, who gathered animal bones, extracting animal fat and pounded pigments of plants to produce natural dye and
started to paint abstract forms on the walls of ancient caves.

from the dawn of history our ancestors view art as part of their lives or they don't have idea that they were already producing Art . It is embedded in their day to day activity. in their lives and in their culture itself...... they produced forms and shapes that can be both functional and aesthetic..... and they mastered their skills.... and from then on it turned to become a talent....

As time goes on, countless forms of art emerged as a product of acquiring the very good genes from the humble ancestors........I, myself has a share of those precious genes. I'm proud to say that. and with that, I've been producing drawings and sketches at an early age until i finished the Fine Arts at a University.

before entering the fine Arts i have know idea how broad Art is.... how wide its scope and how vast is the meaning of it.... this must be the reason why people view it as only for the rich and those who can afford it.... but instead, i make art for my satisfaction; just by holding the pencil and began to produce shapes, forms and harmoniously arranged it to make a visual feast...... i think its the same characteristic that i got from those unknown ancestors who used to gather what are available and abundant things in the environment and produce Art.

but Art comes in different disciplines, in music, dance, love, sex, religion etc..........Art is something you produced, admired and be appreciated......Art is in us.... its in our genes.... waiting to be unleashed....