Friday, April 17, 2009

The Artistic Hierarchy by Sean Lee

I have been away with my blogging! A kind of practice that I really wanted change but, the truth is that nothing much happened to my life and Art that is worth blogging about! It’s true. These past few days is nothing but an empty blog until I found something exciting! I got this from the notes of Artist/Writer Sean Lee - Read it and enjoy!...

The Artistic Hierarchy
by Sean Lee

If a man creates a beautiful sculpture, his hands are widely considered an extension of God's.
If a man's vision yields a miraculous painting, he has accomplished the impossible by transcending the void between man and time.
If a man's great works is an enthralling piece of literature, his words have broken through the impenetrable mind and revealed that anything is possible.
If a man's gift is in the realm of music, and he is able to compose something wondrous, the world will bow at his feet and admire his creation.
If a man chooses cartooning as a profession, that man is a child....Damn it.

This is hilarious!... I didn't expect the twist.. I mean the end part!... It was truly a LOL after reading it....I was overwhelmed with astonishment by the flow of melodic words and style, it's like a moving poetry that blows your mind at the end and made me think that "It is!" or "It could be"...LOL!

Kudos to Sean!....for "The Artistic Hierarchy"...and for sharing with us your exceptional knowledge in Literature and in the Arts.