Monday, January 26, 2009

That is my way

It feels like i haven't blog for ages...and, I have been away on the net for tons of reasons and again, the usual excuse is always a lethargic blogger. However, this time... I would like to give out fine points about myself and my Art as I never have talk about it from the time when I started this blog.

Leorenaissance: Leo is from my zodiac and renaissance is like a rebirth to my own temperament, that is how I got this Blog name. I love travel and adventure. I'm a simple person and want's to live a meaningful life. I want to see new places, meet people, and new lessons to learn.

I was raised as good follower of my faith and has a deep devotion to my Art. My family has always been a critic and an inspiration in the Fine Arts. So, there's nothing more appealing than the thought of exploring more about my passion.

For me Art is life. That is my way.

I'm relatively down-to-earth, reasonably easy to get along with, do occasionally try to be kind to other people (especially old people with over-sized briefcases), Others say, I have this good sense of humor which is unique that sometimes I'm like a medicine to them. I am often forgetful of birthdays and much worse in names, am a terrible terrible singer for those who can sing and to those who can't I am the best.

I hate to put things in boxes, am an advocate of 'do-what-you-like-just-don't-hurt-anybody' doctrine and is a fan of the environment. My deceptively calm behavior gives an equally deceptive impression of organisation and order - when in fact most of the time I'm simply blissfully clueless!

I read heaps. If there are some things I can't live without, that's books, and of course Art! But I can go without the more complicated stuff: gadgets, judgement, and hopefully soon - ego!

Traveling, I believe is good for the soul and that along with Art are my foremost passions in life. I'm an ardent lover of history and have strong views on current issues which affect us all, such as global warming. Don't get me started on Art and History, your ear drum would probably be bleeding before you can get me to stop. I love Badminton, and will never stop loving it. In my spare time I draw, read like crazy, cook, listen to music, and do a great deal of musing. I am a big fan of surface anatomy also known as NUDE Art. In this blog entry are my works in different Art mediums.

I enjoy people who are open-minded, non-judgmental, fun-loving, intelligent and who are willing to share. I don't care where you come from, what you believe in, what you do for a living or what you look like, we are good as long as you are willing to give people the basic respect they deserve as human beings.

I could spend a great deal of time sharing all the things about Art and so goes with my personality...However, I would put that subject to one side as you will know more about it in next to no time...

Above Painting: Woman Sitting on Bed 18x24' Oil on Canvas 2005 M. Adlaon - Quintano MD. Collection
Below: Nude Sketch 12x18' 2009