Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artist Talk: Photography

In one of my conversations with Dave, he said "I always have the passion for photography, Thanks to my Dad for letting me borrow his Canon AV-1 (1978 model) film camera. Since then, I don't have the money to buy my own camera. hiring a model? too expensive... renting a studio? to boring.... so what i do is bring my camera and a couple of rolls of film, my favorite play list on my MP3 player then walkabout anywhere to find interesting subjects... this is how i learn photography and this is my hobby..."

Born from a family with real talent and skills in the Visual Arts. Rhey Davie D. Magdayao shares with us his passion in Photography. He admits that he never had any formal training or any classroom session of his hobby. For him, it is purely an activity on creating an emphasis on the subject, recording events and capturing light. He is really doing this not for business but for Science, Art and pleasure....undeniably for him... Photography is a "point and shoot" addictive hobby!

Dave's eclectic choice of subjects opens to his long journey in this field of discipline and his works aims for quality which have little or no prospect for a reward....He never puts title on his works as he leaves that issue on the viewer...

He derives his inspiration mostly from Nature, capturing panoramic landscapes that serves to remind us of its vanishing beauty. This could send a message to the public to work further on the issues of Environmental protection....his thirst for adventure is never ending as he already have a long list of breathtaking sites and places to visit here in the Philippines....

Along with his love of nature, he also has an eye for Glamour and Fashion Photography (don't get me wrong, this guy is genuinely STRAIGHT! LOL)...this is another genre in photography that is devoted to display Vanity....He develops his own aesthetics in which location, clothes, model and light blends together to achieve the standards of contemporary fashion and magazine like demands.... he never likes to work on a studio and his keen eye for details can be seen on the pictures that he took..... and enhanced by the eye catching exotic effect of his models (willing to pose for the sake of Photography), be on the loop!


Photos courtesy of the Artist / Photographer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Future in Fashion

The following photos were not taken from a Paris Fashion week or from the velvet ropes of New York, but this was staged in Cebu about 2 years ago at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel ... "Sposabella" features a collection bridal gowns from top
Filipino designers, showcasing different styles and period inspired wedding gowns....

Barbie inspired ball gown by Monique Lhuillier...if I'm not mistaken, Barbie released a limited edition of dolls dressed by that time.

I decided to post these old photos coz i got fixated on the designs .....Have fun!

I like the superb quality of Anthony Nocom's Men's wedding suit collection.

I love this "Elvis Presley" inspired creation.....I failed to remember who the designer was, but the details are exquisite!'s masculine yet feminine...its powerful but glamorous!...Sensual and Divine!

In all shades of white and details in dainty ribbons, tiers, pleats, touch of crochet and tremendous amount of beadworks designers brings out their best!.... all models were walking like floating butterflies on the runway during the finale..... and every Designer were each given a recognition at the end of the fashion show.

Fashion is one of the biggest industry in the world today...and our designers are already making waves in the International market...The Philippines is truly a home of Artist's and designers with the highest caliber, a truly world class talent!... and with that reason ..... we have a BIG Future on the world stage.


Photos courtesy of Janet Nadala -Torres, Fashion Echelon and Water Therapist LOL!..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Artist in Travel

I created another blog recently and its all about travel and adventure to the perfect getaways in the Philippines and dream destinations from around the world.

you can click on this link ...

Artist In Travel features mainly on the different scenic spots and holiday destinations around the tropical isles of the Philippines, plus, Weather updates from around the world, time zones, photos of best Beaches, Luxury Hotels, Hostels and Travel tips. Have fun and enjoy!

Photo: The majestic and very remote Situbo falls in Tampilisan, province of Zanorte. Courtesy of Harriet YbaƱez - Audiophile and Certified traveler in style