Saturday, May 16, 2009

A thousand and one tongues

Last night, two Artists opened A thousand and one tongues (usa ka libo ug usa ka dila) Art exhibit at the Gallery Q in A. S. Fortuna Mandaue, making Cebu's Art scene more Alive!

The works of Maria Victoria "Bambi" Beltran and Russ Ligtas reflects their passion for Poetry as they are both true literary thinkers. Looking at their artworks, We can tell that this brave and the bold tandem flaunts a notably high temperature of expressing sexual attraction while still being tasteful and very discreet of the underlying theme.

Both Artists applies figurative abstraction on their artworks and each has it's own distinct technique in applying the medium...

What I like most about Russ works is that, he uses strong brush strokes against the colors that ranges from vivid to cool shades...but his whimsical subjects resembles Pop art (Andy Warhol) childlike type sketches; one thing that impresses me as well is, his use of lines so defined and very consistent that your eyes can rove at the whole painting upon looking.

When on the other hand, Bambi's use of tones resembles a warm "Cezanne shades" in the modern times. However, the human figures are not that flawless but still, the Artist is well informed on the details of Anatomy. She used space to the fullest advantage as it became dramatic that you can really see both the negative and positive is poetry in motion....

That night, Russ delivered a dance which I want to call it the "Martha Graham moves". His performance (in a mask) used dance as a medium to reveal his passion and creativity common to every human feelings. (I forgot the name of the girl who played the Keyboards but it was awesome!). Bambi in her statuesque "Ana Bayle" look recited a short poem right before Russ performance.

It took us almost 45 minutes to locate the gallery as the invitation has no exact details of street no. and address, it only says "A. S. Fortuna" so, we raked the whole A.S. Fortuna strip and the taxi driver almost brought us at Home Gallery (a furniture shop) ... and yes!...we didn't arrived on time! Good thing Gallery Q is quite impressive!

I think nowadays, Cebu should meet its demand for Art galleries... as we have a lot of Artist's full of energy to show their Art... but there's no venue and ends up having a show in the capital Manila. Congrats to both Artists for making Cebu's Art scene vibrant and full of life!

(Photos Courtesy of Above: Exhibit Invitation Middle: "Blahbbergasted" by Russ Ligtas Below: "Karaang Plaka" Below: (Old record) by Bambi.) For more information about the exhibit you may click on the link listed above.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two paintings

All these years, I have been surrounded by Art...was Inspired,learned, searched about it, made quite a number pieces to call it my own and kept on making (more) Artworks....but just the other day, I got two Paintings from a recently concluded Art Exhibit...

Behind Closed Doors Exhibit egress last Monday at Turtles Art Gallery after almost a month show. It was really a very provocative and sensual show as it explores the different issues around everyone's favorite topic of bodily pleasures and mindless biological needs!...but putting on a twist and making us see the sacredness and Artform of SEX! despite of the many issues on the subject.

Left Picture: "Paraphilic Dreams" in Pencil on Canvas by Nonon Yee. Right Picture top right part: "Freakshow" in Charcoal on Paper by Dan Guillano. These paintings now hangs on the walls of my room keeping a cause to remember my carnal appetite. No!...keeping a visual representation of how perfect and complex Human Anatomy well as proving that Art is unfathomable and keeping its immeasurable movement...

So, did bought it? LOL!...I did not, but a BIG THANK YOU to the two brave Artists Nonon Yee and Dan Guillano who's never afraid to come forth and presents what we're not told to see... I could never forget this wonderful present...

Now, I want to become an Art Collector...LOL! LOL!


Photos courtesy of Nonon Yee.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chef / Sketch

I have a new blog and it's all about food.... you can click on this link

It's first blog entry explores the history and genealogy of Culinary Artistic traditions in the Philippines and the writer.

"nothing compares to the comforts of "Lutong Pinoy"...Our palate (or Pinoy taste) sets high standards since we don't settle for anything bland. We want our food to be palatable to the grandest level...this gives recognition to Philippine Cuisine as truly World class.."

Hope you can visit it. Cheers!