Monday, November 9, 2009


The gavel finally comes down to a thud ....The Birdman SOLD to a lady from the United States. after a long journey this painting will go to its new owners on March 2010.

Lot 1
" The Bird man"

Lot Description
Evar Rafael (1994 - 1995)
"The Birdman" -
Signed (lower right) dated 1995
Mat Water Color on Canvas
18 x 24 in (46 x 61 cm) excluding the frame

Please feel free to join on the next online auction!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Changes through time - a sequel

This subsequent development accounts on the issue of renovation of the Dipolog Cathedral. As this topic awakens my knowledge in history, pride of our people and preserving Architecture...

History has it, that, in the year 1894, a Jesuit priest erected this church, and through his efforts, he set to prepare it to become a parish two years after its foundation was laid.. details on the interior design and style was explained in the previous entry... and more of Cathedral chronicles click here...

The original church facade was built out of a concept of aesthetics that meets with functionality. The design was rendered in a Medieval secular type of Architecture prevalent during those times . It is a flawless example of a Pre-Romanesque and Spanish Baroque style in the Philippines. The portico of the facade is characterized by the use of slightly pointed arches and king-sized windows with details in rhythmic patterns and cherubs in a Bas-Relief manner...(the interior side walls of the church also has a similar pattern that of the old facade). The identical towers if I'm not mistaken serves as watch towers than a belfry. This is common among churches in the old days that serves as protection of the people from marauding pirates.

I was told that, when this church was ordered for construction at the end of the 19th century, a number of Boholano natives were commissioned to built it, and one of them was my Great grandfather from the town of Maribojoc, Bohol (an island in the Visayas region also known for its Majestic Colonial period Churches)....although, this needs further research but this interest can be supported by one of the largest clan in Dipolog today.

This Old facade have witnessed the development of the place, survived World Wars I & II, famine and other calamities....and welcomed the names of famous historical figures like the National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal.... (inset: Former President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda Romualdez)


In the 1970's, the facade was demolished and redesigned due to its dilapidated condition and its done in a Neo-classical style... they never gave way for restoring the Old one..Its porticoes adds grandeur to this simple yet modern style Architecture..but, it only lived for four decades.


This year, a tremendous amount of change was made...this time, it is rendered in stone brick work...not usual for any of the previously mentioned Architectural Movements....its details and style may have been borrowed and copied from centuries old churches and it adds attraction...but it failed to to retain the originality and the uniqueness of what It was once a magnificent Church...

Being a descendant of one of the builders of this Church, it is also my duty to bring forth the voice of my distant ancestors....and share a story of a great work or Art lost forever....

The above old photos became a tangible proof of the magnificence and splendor of the old Cathedral facade in my hometown. This blog entry is in a way of expressing gratitude to Dr. Louis Felipe B. Lacaya's efforts in digging up these vintage photos from his collection, as this, has become a window to our past.

Thanks to: Mrs. Fe R. Montilla, Maryan Tizon, Juanna Mercado,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Changes through time

I was told that the Cathedral in my hometown was given a face lift this year...I have been away in Dipolog for quite a while and this news about the renovation of the City's Oldest Architectural Monument was a BIG thing for me.... so I relied on photos to see the look of a new church's my surprise, I was halfway close to disappointed by the outcome!.

As far as I can remember, there were restorations, renovations and alterations being made in this Neoclassical - Romanesque Architecture Cathedral for the past 3o years...

In the early 80's, the rows of gigantic columns leading the faithful's gaze to the high altar were removed, possibly for a reason of accommodating more parishioners as more church benches were added. A big mistake!

In the mid 90's, under the ecclesiastical supervision of Msgr. Esteban C. Gaudicos, VG. he ordered the full restoration of the exact replica of the main Altar or Retablo which was executed in Abstract Baroque by the extraordinary genius Dr. Jose Rizal during his exile in Dapitan....this was a triumph in the Cathedral's history as they try to revive the old glory of the church. But!..... they failed to use the exact materials of Philippine hardwood as instructed by the National hero himself more than a 110 years ago...What you see now is a cold marble structure from an unknown quarry... this could raise issues questioning the authenticity of the design....visibly today, there isn't even a marker of validation from the National Historical Institute that recognizes Rizal's contribution to the church's history.

In time of the Christian Jubilee, the church ceiling coffered with panelings all rendered in wood was fully restored....bringing back the golden age of the Cathedral. These exquisite artesonado ceilings are what made the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral famous and much beloved by all faithful and religious parishioners. The hand carved faces of the four evangelists in the central apse above is as old as the church....This is one of the few churches in the entire Philippines that has maintained and restored the magnificent hand carved ceilings....a National treasure!

In the last 10 years, the church interior walls, niches and side ceilings has undergone a lot of repainting from shades of pastel greens to powder blue then changed into Cream and Lemon chiffon hues and tones. At present, the side columns and arches were painted with Burgundy to Burnt Umber with shades of white trimmings particularly gave a feeling of old colonial palette...and I want to call this as a flawless craftsmanship!... In contrast to this are the long pews of what it used to be in natural wood altered, its fate suffers in Peach color... a very distracting site!

Apparently, the restoration of the Cathedral's facade gives more enthrallment to the Church distinctive identity its magnificence awakens the pride of every Dipolognon but with a closer look at the details one can notice that:

- The main entrance is too narrow... and the 5 arches are too massive in width, its distance from one arch to another is far-off and the its height is shortened from its base. It is the exact opposite of the original main entrance wherein all parishioners can freely walk in and out before and after mass..

- The statues of saints on the ground level were almost dwarfed by the sheer size and magnitude of the whole church..the statues height and anatomy doesn't compliment with the whole structure...

A more closer look at this newly restored facade it reveals a slight similarity of the famous Manila Cathedral in Intramuros (enclosed picture) even the arrangement of the statues of saints on the lower level.. is a copy cat like attempt.

Nevertheless, the beauty of this church is further enhanced by warm chrome yellow tones of the stone bricks... a perfect site as each day this church is kissed by a golden sunset.

This Church has stood the test of time and it still continues to be the living example of the Catholic faith and never fails to welcome all believers..........and it'll be a BIG challenge for future restorers.

Special Thanks to: Maryan Tizon, Juanna Mercado, Sharon Santiago
Photos Courtesy of:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Art and Patriotism

To the rest of the world, "Cory Aquino" will always be remembered as the simple woman who restored Democracy and freedom in the Philippines, a very courageous president who made changes and became one of the great Asian leaders of our time. Aside from her works and efforts in public life, she also left us a number of remarkable works of Art....

(It took me a while to blog this for the reason that my eyes were hook on the telly watching history unfolds as the whole Filipino nation bids farewell to Cory)....

Her life as an Artist began years after she stepped down from the presidency......."In 1996, Cory took an active interest in painting under the tutelage of artist Jeff Consumo. Next to prayer, painting became a favored mode of keeping her mind active and her sense of humanity intact. Although she participated in a joint exhibit with friends and has sold some of her works to raise funds for her advocacies, she does not profess to be a professional painter. She likes to paint flower and women, usually in oil and acrylic on canvas".

Her works may not be as grand in terms of application of paints and colors, of techniques and style but it is more on the subject and content of her paintings that evokes to a lot of meaning. Her sense of spirituality is deeply shown in some of her works, her love of nature expresses gentleness in her brushstrokes and subjects that connotes women empowerment. Most of her works were given as gifts to people close to her and was well received with a kind of elegant intelligence.

Her legacy lives on forever!....


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artist Talk: Photography

In one of my conversations with Dave, he said "I always have the passion for photography, Thanks to my Dad for letting me borrow his Canon AV-1 (1978 model) film camera. Since then, I don't have the money to buy my own camera. hiring a model? too expensive... renting a studio? to boring.... so what i do is bring my camera and a couple of rolls of film, my favorite play list on my MP3 player then walkabout anywhere to find interesting subjects... this is how i learn photography and this is my hobby..."

Born from a family with real talent and skills in the Visual Arts. Rhey Davie D. Magdayao shares with us his passion in Photography. He admits that he never had any formal training or any classroom session of his hobby. For him, it is purely an activity on creating an emphasis on the subject, recording events and capturing light. He is really doing this not for business but for Science, Art and pleasure....undeniably for him... Photography is a "point and shoot" addictive hobby!

Dave's eclectic choice of subjects opens to his long journey in this field of discipline and his works aims for quality which have little or no prospect for a reward....He never puts title on his works as he leaves that issue on the viewer...

He derives his inspiration mostly from Nature, capturing panoramic landscapes that serves to remind us of its vanishing beauty. This could send a message to the public to work further on the issues of Environmental protection....his thirst for adventure is never ending as he already have a long list of breathtaking sites and places to visit here in the Philippines....

Along with his love of nature, he also has an eye for Glamour and Fashion Photography (don't get me wrong, this guy is genuinely STRAIGHT! LOL)...this is another genre in photography that is devoted to display Vanity....He develops his own aesthetics in which location, clothes, model and light blends together to achieve the standards of contemporary fashion and magazine like demands.... he never likes to work on a studio and his keen eye for details can be seen on the pictures that he took..... and enhanced by the eye catching exotic effect of his models (willing to pose for the sake of Photography), be on the loop!


Photos courtesy of the Artist / Photographer

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Future in Fashion

The following photos were not taken from a Paris Fashion week or from the velvet ropes of New York, but this was staged in Cebu about 2 years ago at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel ... "Sposabella" features a collection bridal gowns from top
Filipino designers, showcasing different styles and period inspired wedding gowns....

Barbie inspired ball gown by Monique Lhuillier...if I'm not mistaken, Barbie released a limited edition of dolls dressed by that time.

I decided to post these old photos coz i got fixated on the designs .....Have fun!

I like the superb quality of Anthony Nocom's Men's wedding suit collection.

I love this "Elvis Presley" inspired creation.....I failed to remember who the designer was, but the details are exquisite!'s masculine yet feminine...its powerful but glamorous!...Sensual and Divine!

In all shades of white and details in dainty ribbons, tiers, pleats, touch of crochet and tremendous amount of beadworks designers brings out their best!.... all models were walking like floating butterflies on the runway during the finale..... and every Designer were each given a recognition at the end of the fashion show.

Fashion is one of the biggest industry in the world today...and our designers are already making waves in the International market...The Philippines is truly a home of Artist's and designers with the highest caliber, a truly world class talent!... and with that reason ..... we have a BIG Future on the world stage.


Photos courtesy of Janet Nadala -Torres, Fashion Echelon and Water Therapist LOL!..

Friday, July 3, 2009

Artist in Travel

I created another blog recently and its all about travel and adventure to the perfect getaways in the Philippines and dream destinations from around the world.

you can click on this link ...

Artist In Travel features mainly on the different scenic spots and holiday destinations around the tropical isles of the Philippines, plus, Weather updates from around the world, time zones, photos of best Beaches, Luxury Hotels, Hostels and Travel tips. Have fun and enjoy!

Photo: The majestic and very remote Situbo falls in Tampilisan, province of Zanorte. Courtesy of Harriet YbaƱez - Audiophile and Certified traveler in style

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A thousand and one tongues

Last night, two Artists opened A thousand and one tongues (usa ka libo ug usa ka dila) Art exhibit at the Gallery Q in A. S. Fortuna Mandaue, making Cebu's Art scene more Alive!

The works of Maria Victoria "Bambi" Beltran and Russ Ligtas reflects their passion for Poetry as they are both true literary thinkers. Looking at their artworks, We can tell that this brave and the bold tandem flaunts a notably high temperature of expressing sexual attraction while still being tasteful and very discreet of the underlying theme.

Both Artists applies figurative abstraction on their artworks and each has it's own distinct technique in applying the medium...

What I like most about Russ works is that, he uses strong brush strokes against the colors that ranges from vivid to cool shades...but his whimsical subjects resembles Pop art (Andy Warhol) childlike type sketches; one thing that impresses me as well is, his use of lines so defined and very consistent that your eyes can rove at the whole painting upon looking.

When on the other hand, Bambi's use of tones resembles a warm "Cezanne shades" in the modern times. However, the human figures are not that flawless but still, the Artist is well informed on the details of Anatomy. She used space to the fullest advantage as it became dramatic that you can really see both the negative and positive is poetry in motion....

That night, Russ delivered a dance which I want to call it the "Martha Graham moves". His performance (in a mask) used dance as a medium to reveal his passion and creativity common to every human feelings. (I forgot the name of the girl who played the Keyboards but it was awesome!). Bambi in her statuesque "Ana Bayle" look recited a short poem right before Russ performance.

It took us almost 45 minutes to locate the gallery as the invitation has no exact details of street no. and address, it only says "A. S. Fortuna" so, we raked the whole A.S. Fortuna strip and the taxi driver almost brought us at Home Gallery (a furniture shop) ... and yes!...we didn't arrived on time! Good thing Gallery Q is quite impressive!

I think nowadays, Cebu should meet its demand for Art galleries... as we have a lot of Artist's full of energy to show their Art... but there's no venue and ends up having a show in the capital Manila. Congrats to both Artists for making Cebu's Art scene vibrant and full of life!

(Photos Courtesy of Above: Exhibit Invitation Middle: "Blahbbergasted" by Russ Ligtas Below: "Karaang Plaka" Below: (Old record) by Bambi.) For more information about the exhibit you may click on the link listed above.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two paintings

All these years, I have been surrounded by Art...was Inspired,learned, searched about it, made quite a number pieces to call it my own and kept on making (more) Artworks....but just the other day, I got two Paintings from a recently concluded Art Exhibit...

Behind Closed Doors Exhibit egress last Monday at Turtles Art Gallery after almost a month show. It was really a very provocative and sensual show as it explores the different issues around everyone's favorite topic of bodily pleasures and mindless biological needs!...but putting on a twist and making us see the sacredness and Artform of SEX! despite of the many issues on the subject.

Left Picture: "Paraphilic Dreams" in Pencil on Canvas by Nonon Yee. Right Picture top right part: "Freakshow" in Charcoal on Paper by Dan Guillano. These paintings now hangs on the walls of my room keeping a cause to remember my carnal appetite. No!...keeping a visual representation of how perfect and complex Human Anatomy well as proving that Art is unfathomable and keeping its immeasurable movement...

So, did bought it? LOL!...I did not, but a BIG THANK YOU to the two brave Artists Nonon Yee and Dan Guillano who's never afraid to come forth and presents what we're not told to see... I could never forget this wonderful present...

Now, I want to become an Art Collector...LOL! LOL!


Photos courtesy of Nonon Yee.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chef / Sketch

I have a new blog and it's all about food.... you can click on this link

It's first blog entry explores the history and genealogy of Culinary Artistic traditions in the Philippines and the writer.

"nothing compares to the comforts of "Lutong Pinoy"...Our palate (or Pinoy taste) sets high standards since we don't settle for anything bland. We want our food to be palatable to the grandest level...this gives recognition to Philippine Cuisine as truly World class.."

Hope you can visit it. Cheers!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Artistic Hierarchy by Sean Lee

I have been away with my blogging! A kind of practice that I really wanted change but, the truth is that nothing much happened to my life and Art that is worth blogging about! It’s true. These past few days is nothing but an empty blog until I found something exciting! I got this from the notes of Artist/Writer Sean Lee - Read it and enjoy!...

The Artistic Hierarchy
by Sean Lee

If a man creates a beautiful sculpture, his hands are widely considered an extension of God's.
If a man's vision yields a miraculous painting, he has accomplished the impossible by transcending the void between man and time.
If a man's great works is an enthralling piece of literature, his words have broken through the impenetrable mind and revealed that anything is possible.
If a man's gift is in the realm of music, and he is able to compose something wondrous, the world will bow at his feet and admire his creation.
If a man chooses cartooning as a profession, that man is a child....Damn it.

This is hilarious!... I didn't expect the twist.. I mean the end part!... It was truly a LOL after reading it....I was overwhelmed with astonishment by the flow of melodic words and style, it's like a moving poetry that blows your mind at the end and made me think that "It is!" or "It could be"...LOL!

Kudos to Sean!....for "The Artistic Hierarchy"...and for sharing with us your exceptional knowledge in Literature and in the Arts.

Monday, January 26, 2009

That is my way

It feels like i haven't blog for ages...and, I have been away on the net for tons of reasons and again, the usual excuse is always a lethargic blogger. However, this time... I would like to give out fine points about myself and my Art as I never have talk about it from the time when I started this blog.

Leorenaissance: Leo is from my zodiac and renaissance is like a rebirth to my own temperament, that is how I got this Blog name. I love travel and adventure. I'm a simple person and want's to live a meaningful life. I want to see new places, meet people, and new lessons to learn.

I was raised as good follower of my faith and has a deep devotion to my Art. My family has always been a critic and an inspiration in the Fine Arts. So, there's nothing more appealing than the thought of exploring more about my passion.

For me Art is life. That is my way.

I'm relatively down-to-earth, reasonably easy to get along with, do occasionally try to be kind to other people (especially old people with over-sized briefcases), Others say, I have this good sense of humor which is unique that sometimes I'm like a medicine to them. I am often forgetful of birthdays and much worse in names, am a terrible terrible singer for those who can sing and to those who can't I am the best.

I hate to put things in boxes, am an advocate of 'do-what-you-like-just-don't-hurt-anybody' doctrine and is a fan of the environment. My deceptively calm behavior gives an equally deceptive impression of organisation and order - when in fact most of the time I'm simply blissfully clueless!

I read heaps. If there are some things I can't live without, that's books, and of course Art! But I can go without the more complicated stuff: gadgets, judgement, and hopefully soon - ego!

Traveling, I believe is good for the soul and that along with Art are my foremost passions in life. I'm an ardent lover of history and have strong views on current issues which affect us all, such as global warming. Don't get me started on Art and History, your ear drum would probably be bleeding before you can get me to stop. I love Badminton, and will never stop loving it. In my spare time I draw, read like crazy, cook, listen to music, and do a great deal of musing. I am a big fan of surface anatomy also known as NUDE Art. In this blog entry are my works in different Art mediums.

I enjoy people who are open-minded, non-judgmental, fun-loving, intelligent and who are willing to share. I don't care where you come from, what you believe in, what you do for a living or what you look like, we are good as long as you are willing to give people the basic respect they deserve as human beings.

I could spend a great deal of time sharing all the things about Art and so goes with my personality...However, I would put that subject to one side as you will know more about it in next to no time...

Above Painting: Woman Sitting on Bed 18x24' Oil on Canvas 2005 M. Adlaon - Quintano MD. Collection
Below: Nude Sketch 12x18' 2009