Saturday, December 13, 2008

seeing it real!?!

2008 is at it's closing stage and I need to catch up the remaining days of the year writing post for blog...this is a smart and polite excuse after a very long lethargic rest as a blogger!...

This year has been a great voyage as an artist and as a lover of all things beautiful as I've seen some of the the great works of Art done by emerging artist and Grand masters right before my eyes...

I have been to a number of Art Galleries, Museum's and Art Installation areas this year and every milieu that I've catch sight of reminds me of how dynamic and vibrant is the Art scene inside Singapore. From Southeast Asian Art to Indian Art to Chinese Art to Japanese to Western Art ... name it!...the small island can sing its own praises!....However, it's not a big joke going around to this places as you need to have a good pair of shoes to roam around.... in my case, i used slippers seeing that its easy and callus free!...terrible rhyme! .. if only, shoe mogul and Art connoisseur Imelda Marcos is still young she would definitely pick not a high heels but a Havaianas instead.

The highlight of the finest artwork I've seen was the statue of the Greek god Aries (the picture shown above). It is a part of a collection of Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre Museum in France exhibited at the Singapore National Museum last February.... by looking at the sculpture you can almost feel the blood rushing through his naked body...his skin is soft and his physique can put any famous alive male supermodel into shame.... his anatomy is perfect as I explored every inch of his body...his timeless emotions captivates all visitors....showing a postcard grin from an ancient Greek civilization....his youthfulness was preserved in marble for more than 2,000 years...indescribable feeling!...who ever is the sculptor of Aries in the past was surely a Gifted and very learned man!....a single day at the museum was not enough.....i went back the following day, savoring the moment again.

Trivia: The museum uses BCE (before the Common Era)when showing a period of the sculpture instead of BC (before Christ)as stated by the curator as they want to be politically correct.

Another piece was a sculpture by Salvador Dali at the heart of the business district stands an installation in black polished metal...I'm not quite sure of the medium but it really stands like a sentinel of an empire...its huge, massive and dynamic...its a jaw dropping site!....i made a sketch of it...a way of having a Dali...

With the all the artworks, my thirst for knowledge of Art grew more stronger...and seeing it real is close as the beat of my heart......a great year of exposure to my passion.....I'm excited for next year of what lies ahead, of what piece will I see...who knows if it might be a sculpture of Ramses or an artifact from the Forbidden City .....and I wish to see a Picasso or perhaps a Van Goh?.

Happy New Year to all!